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Patient Navigator

Navigating Your Healthcare Journey:

Your personal Patient Navigators is here to help you on every step

What is a Patient Navigator

  • An actual person who helps you on your healthcare journey
  •  The bridge between you and your doctor
  • Helps you find a Quality doctor in your insurance network
  • Guarantees you will get an appointment with a real psychiatrist in 2 weeks or less

How to Connect

  • Its Easy! Text or call us at (385) 442-6115
  •  We’ll reach out to you and help you along every step of the way

Benefits of Patient Navigation

  •  Improved Patient Outcomes
  • Better communication with your doctors office (real time help with med refills, question about your bills, scheduling, etc.
  • Cuts through the hassle of calling multiple offices and waiting for a reply
  • Can give you personal recommendation about doctors in our network and who would be a good fit for you.